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Palliative Care
Palliative Care

Palliative Care

End-of-life care involves the emotional, social, ethnic and spiritual needs of the person and their families. People who are terminally ill both young and old should be given the right to die in a place of their own choosing surrounded by family, friends and loved ones if they so desire.

Support Direct Ltd strongly believe in offering all our clients:

Holistic Approach to their every-day care that focuses on supporting the whole person through the unity of body, mind, emotion, spirit and environment as these aspects of our lives are closely interconnected and balanced.

Based on Patient-centred Care Principles, all our clients are individuals, treated with dignity and respect, capable of making informed decisions with the right to express their needs and preferences in the service they receive. We encourage open communication involving both Clients and their families in the service options available and the potential results they would like to achieve, over and above the clients need for physical comfort and emotional support.

Unfortunately this is one situation that we will all have to face one day involving a loved one but it helps to remember that Dying is part of living. A precious time of opportunity, a loving time, and a time for deepening relationships, a time for sharing wisdom, for trusting and reconciling, for forgiving.

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