Strategic Directions

Our Mission

Through a commitment to service excellence and innovation, Support Direct Ltd services will provide high quality care and support to all people who need our services including the frail aged, chronically ill and people with disability.

Our Core values

Support Direct Ltd:
Encourages innovation
Empowers employees
Promotes a culture of care
Fosters service excellence and continuous improvement
Fosters communication and collaboration
Encourages personal responsibility
Celebrates success

Client Rights and Responsibilities

At Support Direct Ltd we clearly outline our Service Users rights, so you know what to expect from our Care Workers. We also ask our Service Users to abide by a series of responsibilities.

Complaints and Grievances Policy

Our Complaints and Grievances Policy ensures that feedback from Services Users, family members and care managers is listened to and acted upon. In accordance with Health & Social Care Act, all Service Users and their representatives have the right to have complaints investigated objectively, without fear of retribution.

Our Vision

To ensure that Support Direct Ltd is the customer’s first choice, through the delivery of a superior care support experience.

Our Policies Health and Safety

The Support Direct Ltd Health and Safety Policy outlines our commitment to prevent illnesses and injury through the provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment.


Our Confidentiality Policy outlines our commitment to respect the confidentiality of personal information.

Our Commitment

We Are Committed To:

Valuing the vulnerable and the disadvantaged in the community by striving to improve and maintain their life style and by encouraging and assisting them to take that positive leap towards gaining their independence.We are also committed in the transformation of their social status by creating an environment where individuals in the community would treat them fairly with respect and dignity and by supporting them to overcome barriers to social inclusion. We will encourage social integration through meaningful activities and participation by each of our service users. We will also encourage a person centred service delivery system design to meet individual service user needs and circumstances.
The above commitments represent the cornerstone for our staff training and development programme.